Pulldock3.0 is on the rise! Closer information will follow.... stay informed!


Numerous studies show that if corporates collaborate with startups, the overall corporate climate tends to become more innovative, and, with early access to new technologies, corporate business models and product portfolios can be complemented by and/or expanded in meaningful ways. 


Startups on the other hand, will benefit from unique sales opportunities that ultimately enable company growth. A cooperation with renowned corporates will not only have valuable effects on a startup’s reputation and market credibility, but will help to improve their sales strategies and widen their target audience. 


Pulldock is a program initiated 2016 by the government of Carinthia/Austria, under the responsibility of provincial counsilor DI Christian Benger, which fosters and facilitates cooperation between renowned Carinthian corporations and startups. The aim is to enable a mutual knowledge transfer, from which both parties can benefit equally. 





  • Grab the opportunity to co-operate with renowned Austrian corporations
  • Receive immediate access to the Austrian market and startup ecosystem
  • Participate in workshops and networking, in the CoWorkingSpace in the middle of Pörtschach/Wörthersee
  • Free board and lodging

To ensure that startups and corporations meet in a structured and productive environment, Pulldock will host a start-up bootcamp and matching event on the 4th & 5th of October 2018.



  • Discover the latest technologies and trends in your selected fields of innovation
  • Explore new distribution channels & business models
  • Reduce costs and risks by profiting from a structured process guided by an experienced team
  • Strengthen your position as innovation leader

Pulldock will organize an exclusive meet & match with carefully selected, international startups that operate in the target fields innovation. 


Are you interested, then please contact us or send an application mail!







The fields of innovation for 2018 will be defined together with the participation companies.






Closer information will follow in March 2018 ... stay informed!






For more information, please contact us:



Markus Setschnagg


+43 463 2700 8756